Highlights #1 – Mr. Blob

In our new series Highlights we ask some of our favorite artists: “What were the best moments for you as an artist the past year?”

The first one to answer that question is Mr. Blob from Milan. He sure made his mark last year, creating absurd and smoothly polished hyperrealistic pieces that gained quite some traction. Mr. Blob was kind enough to share his personal thoughts on some of his best works.

SAT: “Mr. Blob, what are your three favorite pieces from the past year?”



Mr. Blob: “We had a chance with other artists to represent on the wall of the Basilica of San Lorenzo with the permission of the parish priest. We made this wall in one of the most famous locations of the center in Milan, the Columns of San Lorenzo. Due to the location this wall really has a lot of visibility because is a location visited by hundreds of thousands people every year. The theme was more or less all the historical names that represent the history of Milan. I represented (obviously in my way) Leonardo Da Vinci who invented the spray can. And that’s why ‘Leonardo Made The Spraycan!’ is definitely one that should be in this list.”

WAKE UP (Meeting of Styles Milan 2014)


“This piece I made at the Meeting of Styles of Milan, among other first meeting in this city. I chose this work to between most important because, after to the final yield the design and the fact that it opened the way for other meetings in Europe which I attended in this year, and the message I wanted to give Italians that is to wake up in every sense but in particular on the art.

Because we have a cultural and artistic heritage that do not exploit the full, we give little space to art -graffiti-street art despite we have a number of Italian artists who work with very and are well famous  in the rest of the world, and in Italy you do not even know who they are. We say that we are still a bit behind other countries in Europe.”

TRIBUTE TO 5 POINTZ (Leoncavallo – Milan 2014)


“This is the work that I would say is definitely the highlight of 2014. It was also my first piece of that year, my tribute to the 5 Pointz of  New York made at Leoncavallo in Milan, one of the self-managed spaces in historic Milan.

In March 2013 I was at 5Pointz to paint. What a great experience it has been to get to know the locals and have spending those days there with them while I was painting. It was just 6 months later that the owners decided to totally whitewash 5Pointz during the night. Their aim was to make the building into fancy apartments, despite widespread protests from the graffiti scene. I just had to make a dedication wall as a tribute to the great times I had.

I had a lot of satisfaction from creating this work and when it caught online attention it was really a launching point for me in this year. And to be honest, at this point to me this work is the the best job that I’ve realized until now.

REST IN POWER 5 Pointz.”


Thank you Mr. Blob for taking time to share this selection and the stories behind it!

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