Share your ideas for our Street Art Museum

As you may have heard, we are currently busy building the world’s largest museum for graffiti and street art at NDSM, Amsterdam’s youngest cultural spot. Next to amazing exhibitions of gigantic artworks by local, national and international top artists, we will provide visitors the opportunity to fully experience the most significant art form of our times.

Very soon we will open the doors, but before that we would really like to know about your ideas and interests for our upcoming institution. We value your opinion, as we work hard to make the visit of all kind of visitors highly enjoyable.

By taking 5 minutes of your precious time, you can answer to our survey and we can get more familiar with your ideal ‘street art museum experience’. As a thank you gift, by filling in the survey until the end, you have the chance to win a gifts’ card or tickets to the IJ-hallen (the latter in case you live in the Netherlands).

Click here to answer it, thank you very much!

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After living in São Paulo for a few years, Giovanna fell in love with art in the streets. This motivated her to be involved with the production of events in the public space. Aiming to be more specialized in this topic, she did a Master in Arts and Culture in Rotterdam. There she explored the role of SAT's upcoming museum in the legitimation of street art. Currently, Giovanna works with collection management and research at Street Art Today.