Case Maclaim tossed a coin in Grigny, France

We just received¬†the pictures of Case Maclaim’s new mural. Named ‘Pile ou Face’, the artist from Frankfurt painted this piece in La Grande Borne, an important district in Grigny, France.¬†

From 4 to 8 September, Case Maclaim created a 15 x 10 meters mural in the multiracial working-class district La Grande Borne. This time, his recognizable style – hands, skin, transparency and movement – shows a classic coin flip: ‘Pile ou Face’ (translated ‘Head or tail’).

Me and my wife Samira had a lot of fun to paint in this neighborhood. It was an experience for encounter and sharings. The painting is resolutely European. A kind of flash about Brexit in England.

Next month, Case Maclaim will present his first solo show in France: ‘Everyday Robot’ in the Galerie Mathgoth in Paris, 9 November – 2 December.


Photos by Case Maclaim

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