[Update III] Street Art Today is curating the Seinähullu Vantaa 2017

This summer, Street Art Today is curating the Seinähullu Vantaa 2017. The project, organized by Street Art Vantaa and Vantaa Art Museum Artsi, aims to increase the amount and quality of Finnish mural art. Street Art Today selected the international top street artists Aryz, Pipsqueak was here, Dourone, Mr. June and Pso Man to create five murals in the city of Vantaa. At the same time, these artists will teach and support a group of five highly motivated Finnish talents, who will make their own murals in 2018.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest updates around the Seinähullu Vantaa project!

[Update 07-08-2017] Pipsqueak was here

Amsterdam based duo Pipsqueak was here made their mural at Hepokuja 4 in Vantaa, Finland. The painting ‘Super Vision’ shows a bear looking at a little girl. On behalf of nature, the bear keeps an eye on man. It is a call for responsible behavior. The girl looks straight ahead, asking us – the spectators – to do the same and take responsibility for the nature on this beautiful planet.

Photo by Maikki Rantala

Photo by Maikki Rantala

Photo by Juhani Niiranen.

[Update II: 08-08-2017] Aryz 

We just received the pictures of Aryz‘s freshly made mural. The Spanish artist made his work at Laajaniitynkuja 5 in Vantaa, Finland. More info coming soon.

Photo by Aryz

[Update III: 15-08-2017] Mr. June’s first wall

Dutch artist Mr. June is on a mission to make three murals in Finland. This weekend, he finished his first painting: a 20-meter high mural which you can find at Hiirakkotie 1, Hakunila in Vantaa.

Photo by Maikki Rantala

Photo by Maikki Rantala

Photo by Maikki Rantala

Header photo by : Maikki Rantala

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