Dazzling Street Art Rooms in hotel at the NDSM Wharf in Amsterdam

Five leading artists in the international street art scene secretly produced five astonishing murals in rooms of the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel on the NDSM Wharf in the North of Amsterdam. Last week, StarfighterA (USA) put the finishing touches on the last room. On April 6, the rooms were officially launched with a grand opening.

Room 109: Dan Kitchener, photo by: Marco Buddingh

The NDSM Wharf is one of the most famous graffiti and street art spots in the Netherlands. The contrast between this rough shipyard and the stylish Hilton hotel is an experience itself. Together with Street Art Today, DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam NDSM Wharf selected none other than Dan Kitchener (GB), Alice Pasquini (IT), StarfighterA (USA), Onur Dinc (CH) and My Dog Sighs (GB) to let them work their magic in the hotel rooms. The paintings are made especially for the hotel and each work gives the room a unique vibe.

Room 107: Alice Pasquini, photo by: Marco Buddingh

Artists like Alice Pasquini and My Dog Sighs are international respected street artists that have brightened many streets worldwide. An overnight stay in their rooms combined with walks on the shipyard and through the city, provides visitors a great street art experience. You can book the rooms at www.doubletree.com/ndsmwharf.

The Hilton Art Rooms are the result of a tight collaboration between DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Amsterdam NDSM Wharf and Street Art Today, kindly supported by Liquitex, 2017.

Room 103: StarfighterA, photo by: Marco Buddingh

Room 104: Onur Dinc, photo by: Marco Buddingh

Room 108: My Dog Sighs, photo by: Marco Buddingh

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